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5 Tips for getting a better airfare!


Does it seem like flight prices have been super expensive recently? You are not alone! they have! But here at Mi Boleto we have the top 5 tips for getting a better airfare!

  1. Buy in advance
    • When possible, buy in advance. The sweet spot is between 3 months and more than 3 weeks before your trip. Except for holiday travel, if you are travelling for major holidays like Christmas, buy as far in advance as you can. 8-10 months is the best time!
  2. Don’t travel on weekends
    • When choosing dates to travel avoid leaving on Friday and/or Saturday and avoid returning on Sunday and/or Monday as those are the most expensive travel dates.
  3. Be Flexible
    • If your work allows, be flexible! Sometimes moving your travel dates as little as 1-3 days can save you hundreds of dollars.
  4. Don’t just take what you find online!
    • Call us! (Specially for international trips!) we have access to contracts and pricing, that’s NOT available online we might be able to save you more than $100 per ticket! Call us before you book! (612) 721-2288
  5. Check the all-in price!
    • Calculate what your all-in pricing is! Sometimes we get blinded by a “good” price! only to find out that their additional fees are terrible! and we end up paying the same or most times even more than the best airlines once the whole trip is over! Don’t be blinded by “cheap” airfares that don’t include anything! those added on fees, do and will add up!